I'm of an age now where most things start to make me feel "old". I see gray in my hair, and I alternate between wanting to dye it out and considering it a badge of honor, my battle scars as it were for what I've dealt with and the life I've lived. So when Kimberly submitted her story Fifty, Furred & Fabulous, I knew Ginny's story deserved to be showcased, because there were so many readers out there just like me, just like her (she's a bit older than I am), who find that life doesn't end just because your hair starts to get gray. Instead, new possibilities open up before you and it...begins? Starts a new cycle?

Silver Wolves, to me, showcases the fact that older men can be sexy. Of course we already knew this. George Clooney is aging like a fine whiskey, rich and warm, with a heat that will burn you if you indulge too quickly. Dwayne Johnson was born a few years before I was, and no one is going to argue that he isn't fine. Even Stephen Colbert has started to let a little gray show now and then. So yes, though our media seems to be dominated by twenty and thirty-somethings, those of us who are a bit older can also be seen as the strong, vibrant characters we are and with rich lives and romantic options, available to us.

So to me, that's what Silver Wolves means. It's a chance to showcase not just the shapeshifters and werewolves we love here at Shifters United, but also to show that silver wolves still have it.

Some things, and some people, only get better with age. A good wine. A well-aged whiskey. And werewolves. This duology features two stories of silver wolves claiming their mates and proving that true love never goes out of style.

Fifty, Furred & Fabulous! by Kimberly Forrest

With her fiftieth birthday looming, widowed wolf shifter, Ginny Weller plans on having the time of her life on this long-awaited vacation. Sun, sand, and surf awaited her, as did her chance to experience all the adventures she had never made time for… and what better adventure than a steamy affair with a handsome stranger?

Always Her Wolf by Mary Winter
Twenty years ago Travis Locke had been a young werewolf who accepted that his alpha had forbidden him to be with his mate, Stacia Summerwood. But the old alpha is dead and when Stacia comes to see if old flames can indeed be rekindled, Travis is eager to rediscover his mate in every way possible. But the time spent apart meant lives created, and when Travis' past collides with their future, will he trust his mate to know that she's always been his?

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