Writers Wanted

Do you write paranormal romance or urban fantasy featuring shapeshifters? Do you find 20-35K to be your "sweet spot" for novellas? We're looking for authors to write original novellas featuring the wide varieties of shapeshifters. Think beyond the wolf, bear, and big cats you've been reading about. Go beyond and go wild!

We publish a few anthologies a year, so stay tuned to our next deadlines.

Deadline: January 15, 2019
Shifter Mix-Ups. Both urban fantasy and paranormal romance welcome.

Deadline: March 15
Motorcycle Club Shifters. Give us your shifters who are in a motorcycle club or who want to be. We're looking for big, bad alphas and love a variety of shifter types. Paranormal romance is welcome. The hotter the better.

Deadline: May 15
Cowboy Shifters. Rough and ready, whether on the range or in the city. We want to see your hot cowboys who also just happen to be shifters. Paranormal Romance is welcome. Keep it spicy, mi amigos!

Deadline: July 15
Surf n' Turf. Let's see our shifters on a beach somewhere soaking up the sun. Or perhaps they're ocean creatures who come on shore to find their true mate. We want to see your passionate love affairs between creatures of the ocean and creatures of the land.

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Click on the button below to submit using our online form. If you have questions, please check out our FAQ below and if your question isn't answered, please feel free to contact us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below please find some frequently asked questions about our anthologies and publishing process. If you have a question that isn't covered here, please feel free to contact us.

Why should I publish with you?

One of the biggest questions any author should ask is this one. So let's address it up front. First, you'll receive one of the most generous royalty percentages in the boxed set/anthology business, a split of 85% of proceeds. Secondly, your anthology will be sold wide for at least the first six months, including on this website. Third, you'll receive editing (How many boxed set/anthology opportunities edit for you?).

In addition...

  • We will allow you space on our blog, as well as in our social media to promote your other shapeshifter titles for as long as your book is in print. That's right! We'll promote books we don't publish!
  • We will allow you blogging space on our blog for non-promotional posts.
  • Anthology contracted authors will be the first to receive an invitation to the Shifters United shared world when it launches in 2019. In fact, we may limit this world to just anthology contracted authors.
  • Authors are free to send in swag for their books which we will distribute when sales of paperbacks happen from our website. We'll include your swag in every package! (And we'll probably include it in other books we sell as well.)
  • Contracted authors are encouraged to promote other authors' books for additional opportunities.

Need more reasons? Check out the FAQ below.

How long does it take to hear?

We'll try to respond to submitted manuscripts within 7-10 days. We know how difficult it is to wait, so we are always looking to make our turnaround times as short as possible.

Do you charge to publish?

No, we don't charge to publish. Remember Yog's Law: Money flows TOWARD the author.

Do you provide editing?

While it's important to submit as polished a manuscript as possible, we do have an editor on staff who will work with authors on their manuscripts. We do not charge for editing.

What Rights Do You Take?

We ask for exclusive rights to publish in print and eBook for fifteen months. After that, we ask for non-exclusive rights for at least thirty months. We do not take translation, audio, or any other rights to the stories.

When do you pay and what royalties do you pay?

All authors in the anthology split 75% royalties based on net receipts from the vendor. For sales from our website, this 75% royalty is based on the sales price. We pay monthly.

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