The Interview

What drew you to write about shifters?

My first experience with shifters must’ve been from Katherine Applegate' Animorphs. It’s a YA series about a group of kids who gain the power to synthesize their DNA with any animal they touch.  Each book was a new “shift,” from insects and big jungle cats to great birds of prey!

And just wow when I encountered my first werewolf!  Just the idea of a human and an animal inhabiting the same flesh-grappling against each other for control! It was insanely arousing and powerful. I think we forget that humans are beasts of the wild too! That’s what all these incredible shifter tales remind us!

What’s your favorite type of shifter to write about?

I’m still new to the genre, but I’m working on a piece about were-crustaceans. Writing about their hard shells as their own personal suits of armor-like knights- is insanely thrilling!

How about reading? Do you have a favorite type of shifter to read?

I’m drawn to weretigers and werebirds. Flight and stripes!  Though everyone seems to be getting into weredragons and the idea of that makes me insanely excited!

Do you have some favorite authors of shapeshifter books?

I read Sy Montgomery for her insight into the biology of our animal counter-parts. Brooke Bolander's Furmothers are astounding! “The Birding: A Fairy Tale” by Natalia Theodoridou blew my mind and won a 2018 World Fantasy Award this year! There are so many incredible shifter authors  out there right now!

Tell us a little bit about your shifter “world”.

The world Pembroke inhabits is one of ice and blood. With Santa slain, the North Pole erupts into chaos. The elves rally behind an usurper with winter magic named Frost. They drive Santa’s weredeer into the wilds. Pembroke, one of the finest weredeer in Santa’s fleet, must locate a supply of Sugar Plum dust.  For only with its magic can he and his herd teleport away to safety. It's an arctic-scape where regardless whether you’re pointy-eared or antlered, you must fight for your every sugary bite.

What’s next for you when it comes to writing about shapeshifters?

I’m currently working on a shifter romance about ferry boys and the dubious happenings at a Lobster Festival on a cursed island. I've also started exploring some MPreg ideas and some Bronys on the West Coast! I can't wait to share them!

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As a young weredeer, all Pembroke has ever dreamed of is being harnessed to Santa’s sleigh. Yet his world comes crashing down when Santa’s slain.

A war erupts in the Arctic Circle-pitting elf against reindeer.

Pembroke is sent on a perilous mission. If he fails, his herd will be lost. When the mission goes awry, the stag-shifter must put his trust in an unlikely ally.

Where does one turn in a land of ice and blood?

What happens when the enemy infiltrates your heart? What begins as a wavering alliance, takes both stag and elf farther than they both could ever imagine.

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