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The Interview

What drew you to write about shifters?

Beyond the abilities which can include strength and speed, having to keep it secret provides an instant challenge for the character which opens up all kinds of possibilities for me as a writer. What I enjoyed about writing the Dragshi Chronicles is the creation of both the dragon and human personalities and their interplay not only between each other but the rest of the world.

What’s your favorite type of shifter to write about?


How about reading? Do you have a favorite type of shifter to read?

I have to admit I like big cats and dragons.

Do you have some favorite authors of shapeshifter books?

I enjoyed Rita Bay’s Into the Lyons’ Den and Barbara Edward’s series, Finding Rhodes End.

Tell us a little bit about your shifter “world”.

The dragshi are more than just a man or woman, but two beings—one human, the other a dragon. The pair share one body in space and time and are able to change forms with the other at will. While it is usually the human who controls both forms, if circumstances require it, the dragon can support the human one, or if necessary take over control of the dragon one. The dragshi are the ultimate arbiters of justice in their world. Be warned, the freedom of flight comes with a price. Not the least of which, is that dragon shifters, like the true dragons, mate for life and once bonded together cannot live without their mate.

What’s next for you when it comes to writing about shapeshifters?

The release of First Change: Legends From The Eyrie completed the tales set in the world of the dragshi. As far as what shapeshifter comes next?  The characters haven’t whispered their true form to me yet.

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For Lexii and Talann, not even being the only children born to dragon shifters can prevent their souls from clashing. A complication Talann can't afford. He needs a dragon form. A cult means to destroy all shifters including Talann's parents. But no dragons sang a welcome at Talann's birth. The magic to take on dragon form was not to be his.

And caught in the middle Lexii’s bodyguard risks not only her life, but her one chance at love in the name of duty.

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