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The Interview

What drew you to write about shifters?

I love how the shifter genre has grown beyond the usual werewolf. There is so much more room to create epic mythologies about other animal/were species, both real and fantasy, and it’s a great time to be a part of the genre.

 What’s your favorite type of shifter to write about?

 I’ve had so much fun writing Ripley’ story. My superheroes inherited their powers through a combination of the environment and experiencing a traumatic event that causes a huge spike of adrenaline to ignite the change in their bodies. Whatever talent they possessed now becomes their superpower. Ripley was a zoologist who gained shapeshifting abilities after being attacked by a bear. Those powers allow him to change into any mammal. That means he could shift from anything ranging from a bat to a dolphin. His usual animal form is a wolf and German Shepherd, but he loves to scare the bad guys by changing into tiger or leopard. One of my favorite scenes was when he went undercover as a cute little Pomeranian puppy and traveled around in the heroine’s purse.

How about reading? Do you have a favorite type of shifter to read?

The wolf shifters will always be a favorite. The strength, the pack dynamics,  the loyalty they have for each other, it all creates an incredibly sexy package that’s perfect for romance.

Do you have some favorite authors of shapeshifter books?

 Sherilynn Kenyon’s Dark Hunters are a must. Vane!!! And I also enjoy Shelly Laurensten’s humor, especially when it comes to the bear shifters.

Tell us a little bit about your shifter “world”.

The world my shifter is in the everyday world much as we live in now. Unbeknownst to the pubic are people who have developed super abilities who are keeping to themselves to avoid any confrontation from the government or general population. But that all changes when the Evolutioneers form and create a crime fighting group. The moment they went public, the world changed forever.

What’s next for you when it comes to writing about shapeshifters?

Since it’s not certain who has the ability to inherit powers, there is the possibility of shapeshifters of all sorts. There can be an entomologist shifter, or someone like Mystique from the X-men that can shift into another person. I’m also toying with having a villian shifter in a future book, which will be lots of fun, but I’m not certain what their shifter ability will be yet.

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Ripley Jorgensen had believed the biggest shock in his life was developing shape-shifting powers, but that was nothing compared to learning that one of his teammates, the woman he loved, was a complete fraud. Not only did she steal someone’s identity, she may have committed murder.

Alisia had figured there was no better place to hide out than in a hidden mountain fortress surrounded by superheroes. Surely no one from her past would think to look for her there—that is, until her murderous father hired the Evolutioneers to find his missing daughter and blew her cover. Now she’s on the run with not only her former friends right on her tail, but also the man who has her scent embedded in his soul.

Ripley doesn’t just want answers. The beast within has determined that Alisia is its mate. Until he claims her as his own, the fight between man and animal grows stronger every day. And if she should refuse him? The man would be lost to the beast. Forever.

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