We're pleased to announce that we've added several anthology deadlines for 2019. We're going to go in a more themed direction, but don't let that stop you from submitting. Our tastes are varied and we love to read how you imagine shapeshifters.

Submissions are, as always, open to LBGTQIA+ characters, characters of color, characters with disabilities (both visible and invisible), and we are also open to all authors in accordance with our diversity statement. Should we get enough submissions we reserve the option to create multiple anthologies with the same theme.

New anthologies and deadlines are:

Deadline: March 15
Motorcycle Club Shifters. Give us your shifters who are in a motorcycle club or who want to be. We're looking for big, bad alphas and love a variety of shifter types. Paranormal romance is welcome. The hotter the better.

Deadline: May 15
Cowboy Shifters. Rough and ready, whether on the range or in the city. We want to see your hot cowboys who also just happen to be shifters. Paranormal Romance is welcome. Keep it spicy, mi amigos!

Deadline: July 15
Surf n' Turf. Let's see our shifters on a beach somewhere soaking up the sun. Or perhaps they're ocean creatures who come on shore to find their true mate. We want to see your passionate love affairs between creatures of the ocean and creatures of the land.

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