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Thank you for wanting to be on our guest blogging team. Shifters United offers guest blogs for the books we publish and for our member authors. We're actively building our guest blogging team.

What do you get when you host a guest blog for us?

  • Promotion! Not only will we link to all guest blogs on the master post on our own site, but we'll also share them through social media. Since our blog posts are shared on an evergreen basis, this gets you ongoing promotion to your blog.
  • Content catered for your readers. Since all we do are shapeshifters, every single guest blog will have a book or an author that you know your readers are going to like.
  • Networking. Connect with other authors. Build goodwill.
  • Content for your blog. Hey, we know how hard it is to think up blog content on a weekly or even daily basis. Let us fill some of the holes in your editorial calendar.
  • Our thanks. Hey, you can't buy coffee with it, but know that by signing up and offering to host our guest blogs, you'll have our thanks and the thanks of our authors.

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