Diversity Statement

Shifters United Productions LLC believes diversity lies at the heart of good storytelling. By engaging the reader with stories that share unique points of view and situations readers wouldn't find in their own everyday lives, the author sweeps the readers away to new and unique worlds. Shifters United Productions, LLC strives to create those worlds.

Just as our own world is richer because of the diverse individuals and cultures within it, so too is the world of Shifters United. Therefore, Shifters United Productions LLC strives to bring the voices of individuals from all walks of life, including those who come from marginalized communities to the paranormal world of shapeshifters.

Global culture is full of myths written and told about creatures who change form. (An incomplete list can be found on Wikipedia.) We need diverse voices to tell these myths in their own unique ways.

Collecting Demographic Information

As a company, to gauge how we are doing in telling diverse stories, Shifters United Productions LLC asks each author who submits a story to voluntarily provide information on race and/or ethnicity, gender identity, and disability status. This information is fully anonymous and is not connected with the submissions. Furthermore, this information will not be connected with the story nor used in any manuscript evaluation process. It will be used to statistically evaluate the diversity of submitting authors and guide our outreach efforts. We would like to stress that this information is voluntary and doesn't need to be provided as part of the submission process.

We will be documenting revealed demographic information of the characters in our published stories in the hopes that not only will our authors be diverse, but the stories will as well.

If you have any questions about Shifters United Productions LLC's commitment to diversity and the ways in which the company uses demographic information, please contact us. Our goal is to be as transparent as possible.

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