The Shifters United Project is designed to celebrate the diversity of shapeshifters within paranormal romance and urban fantasy through an ongoing anthology series.

Welcome to Shifters United!

Shapeshifters aren't just werewolves and werebears anymore. From weresnakes to wereseals or even wererabbits, shapeshifters come in infinite variety. With the recent flurry of trademark applications making it clear that one author wants to own shifter worlds or other words specific to the paranormal genre, I knew it was time to take action. Thus, Shifters United was born.

We are authors who love writing paranormal works featuring shapeshifters. Whether they fall in love through paranormal romance or fight bad forces in urban fantasy, shape shifters are at the front of what we write and what we do. This ongoing anthology series will celebrate the authors who write shapeshifters and the characters we love.


About the Publisher

Mary Winter

Publisher, Editor, Shifter Wrangler

With over fifteen years of experience as a published author, mostly in the paranormal romance genre, as well as nearly a decade of experience running a publishing company, Mary brings together her love of paranormal, an expertise in editing, and business sense in Shifters United. She's written erotic romance under three pen names, and writes women's fiction and science fiction/fantasy under a fourth.

In addition, she runs an author services company, Unscramblet Author Solutions, offering her technical expertise to authors so they can focus on writing the books they love.

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