Shifters United: Many Shifters, Many Worlds

A new media company publishing anthologies, standalone stories set in the Shifters United world, and offering promotional opportunities for authors of shapeshifter fiction
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Promotional Opportunities

Learn about all the Promotional Opportunities offered by Shifters United. We provide newsletter swaps, guest blog opportunities, author interviews, as well as use our hashtag #shiftersshare to have your shapeshifter book retweeted on Twitter.

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We have ongoing calls for submissions. Check our guidelines page and write the dates down on your calendar. Want to know more information? Sign up for our newsletter.

Shifters United believes in expressing the diversity of shifter types, as well as the diversity of individuals in their expressions of love. We are open to, and encourage submissions from LGBTQIA+ authors, as well as others from often underrepresented communities such as people of color, disabled individuals, as well as other voices not often heard from within the broader context of publishing.

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